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Land this plane!I'm Dave Chappelle biotch!

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U.S. American
May 11, 2006

Dave Chappelle Forces Plane Landing For "Bathroom Emergency"

Comic Dave Chappelle forced a private plane he was traveling on to conduct an emergency landing because his behavior caused such a disturbance, he was determined a 'safety risk', reports the NY Daily News. According to airline officials, Chappelle, 36, reportedly refused to buckle his seat belt, and entered the cockpit repeatedly during the flight, even grabbing the pilot's arm at one point.
Upon landing, Chappelle is said to have checked into a hotel where he tried to rent a car to drive home to his farm - but was unable to remember his address.

The reason for his erratic behavior was claimed to be "stomach problems".
According to thespoof.com: "At first he was just singing songs from Grease in a really high register," said pilot Tay Kyurclosoff. "Then he started walking into the cockpit, where he began licking the instruments and asking the flight crew if his dress made him look fat. Chappelle then began to masturbate while reading The Sharer Image's ad in Sky Mall magazine."
This isn't the first incident of Chappelle "freaking out" as the comic twice has left the country to try and "deal with" all the fame and money his new show had brought.
The comic converted to Islam several years ago, and is a practicing Muslim, He reportedly returns to Africa to get recharged, both personally and spiritually. He has long insisted he is not a drug addict.
I'm rick james biatch....now show charlie murphy yo t!tt!es

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