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lan chile

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Pelican 10

Jan 28, 2005
hey guys, anyone have any info on Lan Chile, I know they fly out of MIA and ORD but some little bird told me they were hiring U.S pilots and basing them out of the U.S. as well ??.......anyone ....anyone??
Have you checked pprune.org ?

Generally it's a better place to find info on foreign carriers. Chile is a beautiful country. Good luck with the job hunt.
My wife ran across an ex-USAir guy in the hotel bar in Santiago who was flying for Lan Chile. pprune is, in fact, a good spot for this kind of info.
The owners of LanChile partially own a us cargo airline called Florida West.

FloridaWest flys new 767-300's with a LanChile Cargo paint job. All of the pilots are hired from the US (as it is a us certified/licensed airline) and based in Miami (with routes inside the US and down to Latin America)

The is a US certified carrier that does ACMI? work for LanChiles cargo operations.
I fly LAN Chile to Santiago monthly, its one of the best airlines I have ever flown on, free drinks in coach too!!!
They have also branched I believe to LanPeru and LanArg? Beautiful flight attendants...Do you speak espanol?
Lan Chile is part of LAN Group which covers Lan Chile, Lan Peru, Lan Ecuador, Lan Argentina and Lan Dominicana. All pilots are hired and trained by Lan Chile but the vast majority are residents or nationals of thier repective countries. Lan is a FAR 129 airline ,(foreign air carrier), which requires an ICAO ticket from the respective country. Not very hard to get. Just a whole bunch of burocratic paperwork and a serious medical exam that lasts about 2 days.
Like Free bird says; LAN owns Florida West Airlines in Miami FL. They are a FAR 121 carrier and hire pilots with FAA licenses.
Lan is by far the best airline in South America.
Hope it helps.
TKS for all the info guys, I'll give them a try and let you 'all know what the scoop is. I'm fluent in spanish so maybe that could help an inch !

I know that Lan group is currently buying most of the S.American routes and doing one hell of a job.
I work with a Chilean guy, a B-767 capt, that is furloughed from Lan Chile..Or so he says.

Don't think they need to hire foreigners if they are cutting back,

Florida West on the other hand are hireing occasionally...Tried to get on there a while ago, but they did not wan't furloughed guys.
The new chief pilot however is ex USAirways, he may be hireing some of his buddies...?

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