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Lame question

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I'm your boy Carl
Nov 21, 2002
I'm a big fella so I was thinking about packing around a jump rope to get some excercise between floggings but I think the ever sightfull TSA might say its a no-no. Wasn't anything about a jump rope in the no-fly items on the website. Any comments or advice before I make the $4.99 investment? If I get any bigger I might be able to use my belt for a jump rope.
i don't think it would be a problem....but i can't say for certain. they did confiscate my sports tape that i was using to wrap an injury while traveling on some overnights. boy, was i pissed. no arguing with those fools either. nowhere could they show me that tape was a threat but they still took it....$5 may be worth a shot though. good luck with the weight issue. i am working on mine as i type (making it bigger though)...
I carried a leather jump rope in my overnight bag for awhile with no problems, so you should be ok.
I found it clumsy to jump rope in most hotel rooms because of low ceilings and lots of "stuff" in the way, if you skip in the exercise room or by the pool it might be easier. Personally I prefer working out in my room. I've been doing jumping jacks and running on the spot while watching TV, seems to work fine with me.
I've been carrying a resistance band with me for over a year and have had no problems at all.

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