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Lake LA4

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Aug 27, 2006
The LA4 is on my wish-list and I'm trying to learn more about the aircraft. Do any of you out there in FI land know about MX, insurance, or general info (beyond what's on wikipedia or airliners) on the Lake that might make it something to avoid?

I've got some time in Lake amphibs.

You'll be hard-pressed to find one that hasn't had at least one incident with dragging a pylon or catching a wingtip during high speed step-taxi. It's an airplane, and just like an airplane or a boat, it wants to bank in a turn on the water, when step-taxiing. Unfortunately, unlike a boat, it has long wings which can't be allowed to bank during those turns. Catching a tip isn't uncommon, and can result in structural damage, as well as corrosion issues.

Corrosion issues are also an...issue.

Get a good pre-buy inspection, if you're serious.
Thank you. I probably won't have one in the near future (if ever), but they look like a lot of fun and I'm considering getting my ASES in one. It sounds like good training and regular water landing practice are necessary to fly it safely.
Got my ASES in a 270 in Laconia, NH. Great airplane when things are going smoothly. She's a handful when things are not so smooth.

I thought the 270 was underpowered. Not sure how people can fly the Bucs (180HP) around.
I have a ton of floatplane time and loved every takeoff and landing. I have no lake time but was able to fly right seat in grumman widgen and a turbine goose. The boats are more work on the water and on land.

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