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Jun 25, 2002
I wanted to ask if anyone knows when you are furloughed, does your seniority time stop while your off the job?

Depends upon the contract

Our contract provides recall rights based upon the amount of time with the company. Basically everyone on furlough from MidEx will have recall rights for 24 months.

We do not lose our place on the list.

Additionally, nothing is gained while you are on furlough. Still return to 1st year pay until you have "been on property for one year of work."

If a PLOA (Personal Leave of Absence) is taken upon recall, you have one year before loss of senority begins.

Hope this helps.
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At my company you keep your seniority number which determines when you will get recalled. As far as seniority time, however, that does not accrue. For example, the one year probationary period will continue when we return since we were furloughed with between 6-8 months of seniority. Eventhough it's been more than a year since we were hired, time spent on furlough doesn't count. Nor does it count towards any benefits. In essence, the only thing your seniority is good for while on furlough is to get you called back in order.

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