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LAB in Alaska

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I have heard both good and bad about the mentioned company. Currently, I'm awaiting word from them about possible employment for the season.

Anyone else, please advise.

I can't speak for myself but my friend flew up there for a summer for LAB and he said he wished he never went up there. LAB put 10 pilots in one small trailer for living quarters so the living conditions were bad. As for the company its self I don't know...
Im sure in this time where alot of pilots are being furloughed and LAB is hiring...you might want to consider it? just do some more research and you'll be fine...
I worked there for a summer and would say it is OK. It is 135 and in my opinion 135 operators are shady. It is also Alaska and a family owned/run business. You can make your own judgements on that. They own several double wide trailers with maybe 6-7 people (everybody had their own room) so it wasn't luxury living but it was free.

The flying is typical SE Alaska (which is a rainforest technically, ie it rains a lot). Lots of low VFR weather, but I was never under any real pressure to fly. My job was never threatened because I didn't. They don't want any more accidents. They have had accidents because people push the weather when the pilots made poor decisions.

Airplanes are OK, nothing fancy. You will need your own GPS. MX is OK, I never had any problems with engines or any real problems, but when a company can do a 100 hour inspection in 5 hours I get a little nervous.

Good luck.

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