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LAB Flying Service '09


"Say when..."
Apr 27, 2005
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For those who ever wonder about Mr. Layton Bennet.

A couple of weeks ago I stopped in Haines and said hi to Layton and Lou Bennet. They are both doing very well and Layton is as ornery as ever, still hates the faa and he just turned 90. Today I flew into Haines on a medivac and lo and behold a red tailed archer lands and taxied in to join the rest of the red tails on the ramp. Layton and Lou just landed back from a shopping trip in Juneau. Mrs. Lou turned 87 and Layton flew her down to buy her a dress for her birthday.
We talked for a while about days gone buy and all the pilots LAB put out in the industry and Layton still swears on low wing airplanes and the “big six”.

My hat goes off for this pioneer and in my opinion icon in our industry.
Apr 6, 2006
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Thanks for posting that! I often wonder what's going on with them. Still a bit upset that they were shut down. Ole Layton liked to yell a lot, but if you got past that, you were certain to learn something nearly every time he opened his mouth (not always about flying though!). The old man has 60 years on me and I believe he may out live me and the rest of us out of spite. If he doesnt, I'll be part of one of the biggest flyovers since WWII. Thanks agian.

Red Tails & Black Bellies....


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May 25, 2005
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"Go Ahead and buy a gun but make sure you file off the sight".....

uhhhh... why Layton?

"Because when the Bear sticks it up your A$$ it won't hurt as much"