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L39 Albatross info.

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Dec 31, 2001
Does anyone know of somebody who owns one of these airplanes?

I would like to get some independent operating and direct cost information other than from people trying to sell me one.

PM me, I would appreciate it.
I will tell you what I found out last year.....

Operating cost around 800-1000 hour wet flying around a hundred hours per year. There is no place in the US that can major the engine. You can buy a new one every 4000 hours or 5 years- whichever is first at around 90k in the crate. Never asked how much the ship and install was after I picked myself up off the ground after getting that figire. There are quite a few outfits in the UK that will sell unrefurbished aircraft but I have heard horror stories about support once they have your money.

There are about 10 for sale in the US right now with about 20 or so registered. There is one outfit in Florida that has two very nice looking ones, but I heard those guys were scary too.

Tyler Jet has one for sale @ Tyler pounds field east of Dallas. If you call them up and ask about it they will give you details. There are a few that fly out of Lancaster Field south of Dallas and 1 that flies out of Sherman (I think).

You can't buy a joy ride on one as the FAA doesn't look kindly to joy riding a jet trainer, but if you do find a pilot/owner, you may ask to pay for gas for a flight.

There is an outfit in New Mexico that I can't remember the name of but will find it if you need that does training. They do the LOA there after about 10-20 hours at something like 1200 per hour cost. Mins are 1000tt and they like to see high performance flying in your log book- you should have no problems with their requirements to start the LOA. You will need to contact your FSDO and advise them of your intentions before contacting someone to train for the LOA though.

I had a list of owners I will try to find in my computer and PM you if you want.
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Forgot I had this on my favorites. There is an area that you can register to and get a list of registered owners through this site.

There is also a message board that seems to barely exist with some op cost questions and answers from owners.

Good luck, if I was single, rich and retired I would own one myself.
Just FYI:

- There was a nice article about Bob Lutz's L39 in Flying Magazing a few years ago. Had some details on the type along with a few outfits that sell or modify them. I believe this particular company was in Alabama.


That club must be a gold mine, in more ways than one, eh?

What does it cost to fly an L39?
These numbers vary greatly, but should give you an idea of what to expect;

$ 300,000.00

$ 5,000.00
LOA & Training

$ 12,000.00
Annual Insurance (Liability)

$ 6,000.00
Annual Hanger

$ 13,000.00
Annual Inspection (with ejection seats)

$ 1,000.00
Minor maintenance (fluids, oil, tires)

$ 5,000.00
Parts Annual Average(i.e. engine, valves, etc)

$ 350.00
Per hour fuel burn (high average)
Thank you both for the information. I am going to check out that website right now.

I was just told by somebody today about the guy in Santa Fe NM for the LOA.
I'd second checking out Larry Salganek in Santa Fe. He's a great guy, real nice, absolutely loves warbirds... And yeah he'd be happy to take you on an intro flight in any or all of his birds.


I believe is his URL. You can fly two variants of the L-39 with Larry, MiG-15s, Fouga Magister, T-33 (a real beautiful one), L-29, yada yada yada...

North Star does airshows. I don't know if they do the training or not.

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