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L-188 Electra

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DAS at 10/250

Coffee, captain?
Apr 16, 2003
I was looking at the Border Patrol web page in the careers section. They require P-3 applicants to have experience in the P-3 or the L-188. Does anybody know who is flying an L-188 in the civilian world?
Reeves in Alaska used to I think but not sure if they are around anymore. Aero Union flies P-3s.
No US L-188's

Reeves parked their last L-188 a couple years ago. I do not know of any US L-188 operators since Zipper took a nose dive. There is still some operators in Europe
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Not exactly

DAS at 10/250 said:
So is this then an ex-Navy job due to the fact that a civie can't get P-3/L-188 time anymore?

Reeves *is* out of business but their pilots are not. They're still out there (some are at Polar).

And I bet there are lots of Zantop guys who might be interested in a govt retirement....

Good luck.
Atlantic Airlines of the UK is using a few Electras to haul freight. Modified to 2-person cockpit if memory serves me right.

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