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Kudo's to Continental

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Road Rash

Active member
Apr 14, 2005
Just wanted to thanks for the ride IAH today. The flight was really full, and the captain went the extra mile to help me get on. Also I really should say thanks to the X-Jet guy for taking the actual jump so I could ride in the back. Hope I can return the favor some day...

Not too long ago I interned with ExpressJet, yet most of us interns jumpseated on CAL everywhere we went and I can't begin to say how courteous and professional the flight crews were to us even though we worked for Express and were merely interns. One afternoon, six of us decided to fly to Vegas for the night since there was a return flight that got us all back into Houston before work the next day and the Captain was totally cool with four of us jumping in the back and the other 2 riding up front. I also jumpseated to ATL about 8 times and everytime I came back I took the last flight out back to IAH and it was ALWAYS overbooked, but somehow I was never bumped off the flight. Kudos to all of Continental's flight crews. Thanks for all the rides.
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