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liberal radical party ldr
Jun 4, 2004
hey gang,

i am looking for employment possibilities in the atlanta south-metro area and central georgia. does anybody have any info on part 91 or 135 activity at mcn, csg, or lgc?

i know of lowes @ mcn, and i also think that there are a few lear operators and maybe even a na265 at mcn as well. also, maybe cherokee brick?

anyhow, any info available for ops at the above airports would be greatly appreciated. i just want to get my ducks in a row before i start knocking on doors.... or just figure out which doors to knock on!

LGC operators

LGC 91 Operators

-ITC DeltaComm (Lear 45)

-West Point Stevens (Lear 45)
Airport phone #706-884-2121
For about the 28th time in the past year, AFLAC in CSG is looking.
There's a Lear charter company in MCN called Aviance. Pay isn't that great, hell it's a 135 first-time job type deal, but they treat you pretty good......about 8 to 10 hard days off a month, good bennies, vacation time and personal days and pretty good people to work for and with. Watch out though, I hear it's a sinking ship. About 3 years ago, they had 3 LR-25's, 1 LR-35, and 1 LR-55. Now I hear they are down to 2 non-RVSM'ed LR-35's. Who knows what the future holds, but I do know they are good people and I really enjoyed my time there. PM me if you want more info.
there is a new charter op at kffc. don't go to newnan. you may end up dead or lose your license. they recently collided with the approach light system on a go around. not a pretty sight

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