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Kln 94

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Got Beer?
Jan 7, 2002
Does anyone know where I can find PC training software for the KLN 94 GPS. I've been to the Bendix/King website and had no luck. I don't even know is such software exists, but if anyone has info on this it would be a great help. Thanks

Check in with the owner of the aircraft that has the KLN 94. That unit comes with a simulator program to be used in a ZIP drive. I don't think its available to purchase.
Last I heard, the KLN 94 does not have a simulator software. We had one installed in a plane and during the groundschool given by Honeywell they said there were no plans for the software at this time.
I'm not sure if its a simulator or just a training manual, but I know there is one out there.
I e-mailed Bendix a few months ago about sim software for the 94. They said they are working on one and I think they said it will be available at the end of the spring.

The the 94 is basically a color version of the 89 and 89B. I think there is a sim for the 89B in the cessna pilot kit for the instrument rating. I'd go talk to an instructor at a 'cessna pilot center' and ask them. They'd probably let you copy it if they weren't too anal.


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