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King Air Video

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I'll make you a BE-200 video on my next flight for 40 bucks and a sixpack ;)

deal ?
I'll do it for $25 and a picture of your girlfriend.

It's time for my bi-weekly serious post ...I'm not the sharpest steak knife in the drawer, to be honest. And after a three year layoff, twenty hours in a two-seat trainer to get comfortable again, and about 250 hours total ... I started hand-flying a B200 from the right seat every other leg and managing all the systems when I was PNF. It really wasn't all that terribly difficult, and I haven't even finished my ratings yet. The biggest problem I had was taxiing (that lag was tough to get my brain around), and after a few flights that has ceased to be an issue, as well. As many of the more knowledgeable folks here told me: the King Air is an excellent aircraft to transition into bigger stuff.

Save the $90, scrounge a systems manual, pick the Captain's brain non-stop on every flight, and seek help here if something specific gives you trouble.

Let's be honest here ... if my silly ass can fly a King Air ... how hard can it be? :D

Wait a minute ... you already have B300 time, and you're a full-time pilot. You already know how easy the King Air is to fly.

Was this question merely about the video as entertainment (it is billed as a training film on the site)? In that case ... we're back to $25 and the picture. Also, unlike Dutch, I do special requests in my King Air videos. I'll add the following for the base $25 price plus shipping:

* Get a t!t-shot the next time we have a cabin full of drunken coeds
* Wing the line guy in his noggin on taxi out
* Moon the Captain on short final



Last edited:
final offer!

20 bucks + plus a free video of snakums girlfriend giving me a naked lap dance if you order within 24 hours !

I wondered where that hoe was last week. I'm gonna beat her azz when I get home tonight. :mad:


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