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King Air Info

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Active member
Nov 27, 2001
Can anyone help me with DOC (direct operating cost) info for the KA 300? Also info comparing the 300 to the Citation II would be greatly appreciated.

The Citation II is about $1,000 per hr. This includes fuel, MSP, normal wear items, schedule checks but not crew or repairs. I would estimate the King Air at $300 hr but I am not sure on this.
It Depends

Many people look at DOC's differently. Some people think crew, hangar and insurance are part of the DOC's. Others just consider Fuel & Maintenance. So like anything else, it depends on how you look at it.

Here is a website I found which offers some information regarding operating costs of different aircraft.

Click Here >>> Performance and Operating Costs

My estimate of $1,000 includes using MSP vs the overhaul estimate used on the web site above. I also used $3.00 fo fuel cost. They came out with about $800 which is lower for those reasons

It isnt that much cheaper than a Falcon which goes to show you what a great airplane the Falcon is

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