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King Air A-100 thoughts

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Any thoughts on the KA-A100? Things you like about it, things you did not like about it. Range, speed, payload, RW performance, wierd KA sysytems
Use more runway, hot performance sucks, trim freezes when water gets in tail, great A/C for cheap folks that don't want to spend the money for a 200.
Just say no to the 100. Go for the 200.
That damn straight tail also like to walk around in turbulence.
When I was flying it - Pretty doggy compared to a 200. Slow compared to a 200. Hated not being able to climb higher than the upper teens (Teen Queen).

When I was the one paying the maintenance and fuel bills (135 operation) - Much cheaper to operate than a 200. You can carry the same # of pax, and can charge almost the same rate as a 200. The A100 is happy flying around at FL180, and is very fuel efficient, compared to the 200 which sucks down much more gas at that altitude.

Wouldn't want to be heavy and loose an engine. The good one will take you to the scene of the crash. Way too underpowered! Run away and jump into a 200.
I will echo the sentiments expressed here, but add that a B200, in terms of operating cost, can be operated cheaper per hour if you climb it up to curb fuel flow and take advantage of the extra airspeed.

The other major problem with the A100 is dispatch reliability and parts availability. They are old and they break.

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