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King Air 350 salaries

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Well-known member
Apr 23, 2002
Just happened upon a King Air 350 SIC job. Wondering how much the average salary is. Also, is there anywhere I can find a King Air systems study guide? Thanks....

King Air 350 salary

SIC position on a King Air 350 should pay around $45,000. If it is a good company than you might even get more than that. I hate it when everyone says to check the Pro Pilot and NBAA survey because there are too many low numbers to bring down the averages, but if you need writen evidence the NBAA is probably the best.

Remember to get your money when you get hired because you wont get it later. Good luck and have fun, the 350 is a good airplane.
CE650SC - just wondering what part of the country you're in? 'Round these parts(Indiana) King Air SICs won't get anywhere near $45K - even in the 350. I was offered a job a couple of months ago as a 350 PIC - I'm typed and had 300 hours in that particular airplane and the starting salary was only $50K and I consider the company to be a 'good company' - all part 91 no 135. $45K as an SIC isn't out of the question but it's definatley at the top end of the range. In this area I'd say $30 to 35K is a more realistic estimate unless you have a ton of time or time in type or something else like that.

Every job is different and if you can get that much then take it!! I'd like to second the comment about getting it now - you'll probably never get it later.

The 300/350 is a sweet airplane - you'll love it. Truly a 'take anything go anywhere' airplane. One of the best I've ever flown. It's not tremendously fast but it's no slouch and it can take 2 pilots, 9 pax, and bags a LONG way.

Don't worry about the systems - they're fairly simple and straightforward. If you get the job ask the Chief Pilot to borrow an old manual to study - I'm sure they have extras laying around - you get a new one every time you go to Flight Safety.

King Air 350

I agree $45,000 is on the high side, but is a good place to start since they probably wont give any big raises along the way. You have to get the money up front at most of these corporate jobs because they will not give it to you later. If you start your bargaining at $45,000 then you might end up with a good salary.
$50,000 is a bit low for PIC on King Air 350, or PIC on anything for that matter.
I agree. 45k is a lot of money for a King Air SIC

I see a lot of King Air PIC jobs advertising pay in the mid-30s. Its not good pay for the job but there are plenty of pilots out there willing to work for nothing these days.

The 350 requires a type so its tougher to find pilots and the pay is higher than the typical King Air gig

At my company the PIC gets $44,000 to start and tops out at about $55,000 after a few years. King Air SIC is getting $30,000 to start and tops out at about $40,000.

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