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King Air 350 pay question

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Jul 20, 2007
Hey guys, can anyone give me a pay range for a single pilot King Air 350? 200-300 hours a year for a private owner who is REALLY tired of looking for a new guy every 2-3 years. Lots of Mexico flying and also responsible for the management of the airplane. I'm new to the corporate world after many years in 121 and I'm trying to get info before we start talking dollars. I really appreciate any imput you may have.
Single pilot + management=$90-100k
If your not going to have hard days off, that may be worth extra in my book.
90-100 sounds great...good luck in this current environment!

for 2-300 hours...id bet 60-70 unless its in a high cost of living area like socal; et al :(

hell...you could get a second job at taco bell and still have more time off then us idiots stuck in the charter vacuum ;)
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2 years ago I was a b300 captain and was paid 67,500 + some other incentive pay like 52 per diem, 45 cell reimbursement, 150/day if over 14 days/month.

It was a managed airplane (all I did was fly). two pilots. based near Philly.

Im in Denver now and our 350 captains make low 60s.

Keep in mind this is all managed type jobs, all you do is fly.

If you have other job duties (like you are describing), I would want 80K+ if there are provisions for finding a fill in pilot so you can have vacation and days off. If not, I would want considerably more. Also + more if in expensive location.

Of course, it all comes down to how much you need the job, and how much that guy likes you. There was a Premier 1A pilot in Reading PA 2 years ago that was making 180K.

Good luck.

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