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King Air 350 ITT Split

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Plenty Long & Mighty Dry
Nov 22, 2004

We just came out of our first hot section inspection with our 350 and have an ITT split of 30+ degrees between engines. The left engine temp is right at the temp before the HSI but the right is much hotter. Any word on what could cause this?

There could be several items that would cause this issue. Are you getting the higher temp at the same fuel flow as before the HSI? Are you making power ok or are you temping out early? Could be a problem with how the buffer air is flowing inside the can. Who did the HSI for you? There are many things it could be. You just need to talk to the shop that did the HSI.
Had the same issue on our 350. This was about six years ago. We tried everything including changing the compressor bleed valves, wiring, sensors and all other adjustments. Never did eliminate it. Pratt did the hot section. They could not explain it back then. Might want to give them a try. Might have a fix now.
We did the trim stick items along with everything else. Did not correct the issue. Engine did produce full power though.

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