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Killing time at TEB

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Rocky Top!
Nov 26, 2001
Question for the group ...

As many times as I've been to TEB, I've never had to kill more than an hour or two there ... until now. I've got almost nine hours of sit time tomorrow and am open to suggestions. In particular, I'm looking for a good (meaning cheap!) way in to Manhattan for a few hours. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Tailwinds, y'all ...

I took the bus into the city a LONG time ago. I recall it taking maybe an hour and can't recall the cost.


Check out the Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey it’s right there on the airport on the Route 46 side, just ask your FBO for directions.

For a meal I recommend going to Chubby’s for one of their world famous charbroiled streak sandwiches.

Next visit ground zero; even though it has been cleaned up it is still heart wrenching and something every American needs to witness first hand.

As far as making it into Manhattan cheap you best bet would be to either bum a ride to one of the NJ MTA stations or walking if one is close then taking the train into Manhattan.

We always rented from Hertz, its safer…

Just ask the FBO to give you a ride to the Harmon Meadows bus stop in Seacaucus (10-15 minutes). Its right in front of all the crew hotels Holiday Inn, Hampton, etc. which are the alternatives to the Hasbrouck Heights. If they dont know where it is just tell them to take you to the Holiday Inn Seacaucus and the bus station is right out front.

Anyway from there you can catch the #320 bus into the City. Its only a 15 minute bus ride and its only a few bucks. The station is right in Midtown and its close to ESPN, WWF, Broadway, etc. Even in rush hour the bus ride is less than 30 minutes. Just dont forget where the station is when you get to the city. I think its 38th and Broadway but I may be off a few blocks.

Here is the link to the bus schedule

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One of the reasons I left full-time corporate is TEB. Nothing like blocking less than 3 in the seat with 9 in the lounge. Try Mt. Fuji Japanese which is very close to the airport. It's a fun lunch as a group with good food and reasonable lunch prices. I've never ventured into the city from NJ but I know people who have taken the bus without any problems. I usually take a good book and a crack pipe and kill the day my own way - but that's just me.......
Gee, you guys have some great local knowlege. I was going to suggest a game of pool at Atlantic, or maybe a path train ride into Manhattan.

Ground zero is a great idea. One of my fellow alumni from the academy was giving out cigars and chiropractic adjustments to the police and firemen on scene for several months. If I get a long layover at TEB, I'll take that bus ride myself.

Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the help, everyone!

I am now back from my TEB trip, and I did go in to the city. I visited Ground Zero, and as mentioned, everyone should go see it. You will be reminded very powerfully of just what we lost, and why we must never lose sight of what we're all fighting to protect.

Logistics, for those interested ... I took an NJ transit bus from the Teterboro bus stop (corner of 46 & Industrial on north side of TEB airport) to Port Authority in Manhattan. The bus route number is 161, and the fare is $2.80 each way. The buses run about every half-hour and take only about 30 minutes to get to Port Authority, which is at 42nd St. and 8th Ave. in midtown. Walk a few blocks east on 42nd and you're in the middle of Times Square. From Subway stations at Times Square or Port Authority, you can take the subway ($1.50 each way) downtown, but you'll have to walk a few blocks to the WTC site, since some subway stations nearby are closed. Study the transit map carefully!

You can do this with a reasonable layover ... I left Million Air at 10AM, was dropped at the bus shelter by van, bussed in to town, walked to Times Square then to the Empire State Building (VERY long line there!), subway downtown, saw the WTC site, walked to City Hall, subway back to Port Authority, bussed back to TEB, and walked a mile from the bus drop to Million Air ... I was back by 2:30. So, take advantage if you have the time ... the whole process is really quite simple!

Thanks again for all who offered advice. I hope some others will benefit from what I offer, as well.

Tailwinds, y'all ...


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