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Kidney Transplant


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Oct 3, 2017
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I want to know every one's thought on Kidney donation.Organ Donation is a good thing.Kidney transplant is done for who has lost over 85% of the function of his/her kidneys. At this stage patient cannot lead a comfortable life with medications alone ; the patient should undergo kidney transplantation surgery , if he/she is medically fit for the procedure.The donor can be either a living person or a person who has had a brain death. The living donor has to be a healthy person above the age of 18 years and below 60 years, and should have two normally functioning kidneys ; he/she should not have any medical illness which makes him/her a high risk for anesthesia and surgery. The medical fitness for kidney donation can be find out after a detailed medical evaluation.If anybody wants to know more ,refer
Kidney Donation.By organ donation we can save life.It is a holy thing.


Jun 21, 2018
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thanks for your this informative post i want to tell some thing for all people. The Importance of Organ & Tissue Donation. ... However, the need for organsand tissue outweighs their availability. Committing to be an organ donor is a generous decision that can save the lives of up to eight individuals, and even more if a donor can give corneas and tissue.