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Kidney Stones

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I read this once in the ALPA magazine. You can get a waiver as long as you can prove to the FAA that you don't have any more stones in your kidneys and that they have passed.

Hats off to you, as what you went through is very painful.

Good luck,

I had one back in April, worst pain I have ever had. I was told as long as it passed I could continue to fly on my current medical. There are a few test results that I have to take to my next medical in order for them to issue it. If you are a member of AOPA, they will help you out.
I have a history of stones. I got a first class medical no problem. The FAA sends you a letter, telling you not to fly if you are having problems due to your stones. I have heard that you might have to get some tests proving that the stones are gone.
Good Luck

Thanks guys for the help. I was scared out of my mind that this was going to screw me for my medical.

What a pain in the you know what. felt like I was trying to "move" a bowling ball. Good drugs for the pain though!!


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