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Key Aviation

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I had uh, "dinner" in SAV with a couple of Key Air guys, one of which was the recenly deposed co-owner of the company. Nice guys. One was a furloughed USAir guy who didn't take the recall in the late '90's and chose to stay at Key.

I think with any 135 operation, you're not going to find a really good deal. Some are just marginally better than others.

Diesel--Did you have to... Oh, never mind! ;) :rolleyes: TC
Key Air perspective....10 days off per calender quarter, though if they don't call you by 8 pm you have the next day off....Hawker Capt pay is 75K (approx), FO is 45K (I think)....you must live within 2 hours of base, no wait that's airborne in 2 hours from when you get the phone call (thanks but no thanks), nice new hanger and a pretty good maintenance staff, dispatch and flight following dept., PIC files flight plans, several high profile clients, many overflow flights from Netjets
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