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Kentucky Derby - area airports, etc?

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Marriott Platinum Member
Dec 2, 2003
Just had a request to go into Louisville area in a few days, NOT related to Kentucky Derby. Boss wants to go to see some clients. Just realized (duh) that it is Kentucky Derby weekend.

Recommended airports, slot/reservations required, etc etc?

(I am going to call FSS, consult "official" sources but flightinfo is on my info list hence my question...)

KJVY - 10 minutes north of downtown off I-65, and very likely your cheapest fuel; dunno if they have any fees involved or not. Probably the easiest in and out, uncontrolled with an ILS. 2 FBOs to choose from as well...

KLOU - 10 minutes from downtown via either I-64 or I-264 (which takes you south of downtown toward UofL/Churchill). Shorter runways than the other 2 options and towered with no ILS, but plenty of runway for a light jet or B350.

KSDF - center of the madness as its the closest to Churchill Downs. Atlantic there charges RIDICULOUS fees, especially this weekend, and their fuel is still $5/gal+.

I don't think they do STMP for Derby like they do The Masters & the Indy 500.
If you go to JVY, ignore the sound of banjos playing in the background...

It's just my relatives. ;)

Hi, I've been to KLOU a few times and once during Derby - not a bad place. Have had good service there. Good luck!

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