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Kenn Ricci receives award

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I didn't say we were growing. I have no no have a what our current fleet number is or what it's going to be in a year. But they are taking airplanes that are current regular 300s and making them red label. So they are expanding the red label program. Before we know every piece of metal might be red label.
Making them Red Label?? What the hell does that even mean? How do you take a old airplane and turn it into a new red label? It is such non sense. Red label is dying on the Vine. Owners aren't stupid! Charging more for same plane and same service how long you think that's gonna work? It's already not working. And when KR has demolished this place AGAIn there will be 10 planes left if anyone's lucky and he will be calling it Red Label or some other made up non sense he has moved onto by then. And still there will be pilots that won't wake up. This company is a pathetic joke and so are the 49.9999% of the pilots that work there.
I don't know the specifics of the plan I guess. All I know is that they are taking a bunch of 300s and making them dedicated crew.
I'm not endorsing red label.. But they seem to be paying the right price to have pilots lined up for it and are expanding the program.

Ok sorry I thought when you said:

If you ever want to upgrade it's the only option.

It sure as hell seemed like an endorsement to me.

Between guys like you and our leadership vice president flashing around 30k bonus checks and laughing his ass off about it, it's a little hard to tell just exactly who is on my side here. You know, the side of regular joes who just want my years of experience, dedication and patience to stand for something.

That plc guy? He should be barely a captain let alone making 100k more than me. Talk about the ultimate in seniority jumping and gouging. Yet somehow he's supppsed to be leading our group to a better contract? Seems to me he's just serving the union to position himself to protect his pretty pony.

Maybe that's why it's been over a year and no progress.

Have a great day with your delusions, club. The problem with the middle ground is you create enemies on both sides. Sucks but it's true. Remember that the next time you seek to defend the indefensible.
I don't like the structure of red label and how folks are able to jump seniority for the international airplanes or slide into a domestic red label airplane out of seniority after one person on a team quits. I don't like how just because a junior guy is on a list he is given a slot before a more senior guy that also wants the seat. I don't like how the company is proposing added protection for red label pilots that would essentially lead to out of seniority furloughs. I don't think union leadership should be signing up for red label. But I have a hard time blaming the average Flexjet pilot who wants out of a lear or wants an upgrade if red label is the only option and there are no senior pilots who want it.
No senior pilots want it? What world are you living in?

There is a difference between exercising your principles and not wanting it. My name nor the names of dozens of other pilots are not on list because we are uninterested in stabbing our colleagues (on both sides pf the fence) in the back.

It's the same job, same planes, same owners for significantly more money. Maybe there is more to why some senior guys don't want it.

As for leadership, I once again have to go back to the fact our flexjet plc seems relatively impotent. Either we are getting played big time by the Options pilots or some in our leadership positions don't appear interested in upsetting the status quo.

Its been a ********************ing year and we've had what maybe 3 or 4 communications of any significance in all that time when during the campaign we couldn't open up our email without getting bombarded. Why is that?
Yeah, I understand. Senior pilots are passing on Red Label because they object to how the program is structured, meanwhile junior pilots take the slots and brag about how much money they are making. The company is saying the union has divided the pilot group but the red label program itself has divided the pilot group.

And yes I agree, the flexjet leadership should communicate more.
We are at a point where it's your either with us or against us. There's no middle ground no fence sitters if you are sitting on some proverbial fence then the stake is straight up your A$$ and you have picked a side. These politically correct I see everybody's point I'm everybody's friend A$$ hats can go suck KR Dck. Last post of the nite. Next one the jack will be talking.

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