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Kenmore Air, Kbfi

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Diehard Republican
Feb 8, 2005
Anyone with inside, solid information on this outfit?

How much float plane time is needed to get on?

What other experience are they looking for?

Age group and makeup of the pilots?

Can you fly the Caravans and the float planes?


Thanks for any information you can give.
Cold molasses moves faster than pilot attrition in Kirkland. Instructors and line guys with hundreds/thousands of hours on floats are still holding out for a job. Good company, pay and schedule. Unless you got family/friends with pull, your chances are better with Independence Air.

They did start a land operation recently between the San Juans and Seattle. Limited routes, aircraft and high prices combined with small scope of service will make it tough to fill the void left by Harbor Airlines in 2000.

Good luck,
Kenmore might have recently taken all of the Caravan flying to the Juans and PA (replacing Horizon), but those planes have been doing those runs for a while for San Juan Airlines. Those runs have established a base of customers who are more concerned with convenience than the price of a ticket.
Do they shy away from Corporate pilots who just want out of the rat race BS? You know, sell everything, raise the kids on a boat, and drive a Subaru over to the airport?

Yes Im being serious.....
For what it is worth, here is my passenger status opinion:
They have been flying out to Port Angeles, WA (KCLM) back and forth from Boeing with their Caravans. They also have a run to Friday Harbor from Boeing with the Caravan. The aircraft look to be in good shape with radar, GPS and auto pilot. The pilots I have talked to seem to enjoy it and some have taken the job to avoid the rat race. It seems like a decent retirement job to me. The ticket prices ($29-59/one way) are reasonable when you consider it take two hours to drive to Seattle and then add on the cost of parking.
If you have the float time, they will take you in the summer regardless of what your doing. The Seaplane staffing goes from 10 pilots in the winter to 60 in the summer. A lot of part timers come out of the woodwork for the summer season. I think part time Beaver guys make about $43 an hour.

I'm not really sure about the min float time, I had nearly 2000 so it never came up. I'd guess around 500 in order for insurance, but that is just a guess. Give them a call, they will tell you!


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