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Keep that money coming in

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Office Slut
Nov 29, 2001
just trying to keep this topic near the top of the board. I'm getting more optimistic that we may hit the 5K goal. Keep it coming folks. Aviation has given us all so much, time to give a little back.
Now that there's a mailing address posted, I'll get on it. Sorry, but I don't really trust the internet with my credit card info...unless there's no other way to do things, then I'm still fidgety about it.

Ranengirl, don't fret about the internet. If it would make you feel better, you can private message me with all your credit card info and I'll make the donation in your name, yeah, and by the way, what's your CC limit, and how much is available. Dammit, showed my cards. Just kidding,
It's great to see this thing picking up steam. This is a valuable resource for everyone, from those who haven't taken their private to those who have already grasped the brass ring. Hope we can keep it going.
1100 to go

We are only $1100.00 from our goal, let's all give ourselves a Chirstmas present and go over that $5000.00 goal by pulling together. Then we can all celebrate the New Year in style knowing that we as pilot's(ones that havn't even met each other)pulled together from all over the country to pull this off. Thanks.
OK.....I just signed up. I have never had a bulletine board solicite money before, but I guess I never really thought who pays for it. My check for $5.00 is in the mail today. Be watching for it.

I like this board. I used to be very active at Airlinerumor.com, but the guy that started that one got called up for active duty so he shut it down for a year.

My checks in the mail, no really it is. It's good too! Keep the blue side up, or for you EFIS guys, keep the Cyan side up.
I am writing my check tonight and dropping it off in the mail today. May not be much but every little bit helps. I really appreciate having a great board. All pilots can benefit from this exchange of information. Fly Safe!


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