Keep our eye on the ball


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Dec 2, 2001
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There is no doubt that over the 4th of July weekend we will be on a high state of alert. Unfortunately we should always be on that same high state of alert due to the fact that most of our jobs depend on it. I am personally not afraid of being hijacked or having my aircraft blown up since the odds of it happening to me or anyone else are slim. However it will only take one more hijacked aircraft or a number of deaths aboard an aircraft at the hands of terrorists to cause many of us to be looking for new jobs. When things go wrong the public has that tendency to crawl in the foxhole for a little while. When that happens the airlines suffer as we have already seen. It is up to us to keep the motivation strong with our FAs, ramp agents, and gate agents to keep the watchful eye out all the time. All of our jobs depend on it.


Nov 25, 2001
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In fact, as the AOPA has warned in their e-pilot newsletter this past week, we need to have NO MORE INCIDENTS of aircraft violating TFR's, prohibited or restricted airspace, or making headlines of any kind.

Today, a plane made a forced landing in Florida, damaging a car and injuring the pilot and car occupants according to the news I saw this afternoon. While we are glad that everyone survived, this is bad press, none the less. Just like some of the embattled corporations, we need to regain public confidence.

"....and HEY!.......let's be careful out there."