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KDEN winter ops question

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Marriott Platinum Member
Dec 2, 2003
Maybe be going into KDEN in a B-350 King Air in a few weeks. Lets assume worst case conditions, hard IFR, snow and ice.

First time ever into KDEN. Assuming worst case conditions, virgin flight will be snow/ice and IMC to minimums. With that said....

If anybody has "local" knowledge or lots of trips into KDEN, could you share your knowledge and offer any tips, any gotchas to watch for, etc etc.

Just trying to enhance the safety level, flightinfo seems like a good resource

KDEN is not a mountainous airport if that is what you are concerned about. It sits well east of the Front Range in a flat desolate area. IFR and winter ops apply there as they would at any other non-special airport.
Like scar says, it's flat as a pancake out there. They run triple simultaneous approaches to the north runways, so the final never get's much longer than 20 miles, not that a B350 really cares how much time it spends in the ice. Signature does deice, then you can beg ground for a 35L departure like all the cargo guys do. It's only the simplest, most logically laid-out large airport in the world, don't let it own you :)
DEN is no big deal, But sometimes you get some good winds. Have had some shear and good sink rates though. Like Cardinal said 35L works well for departure. They are used to WX there so they do a good job getting yo in and out.
Denver has over 300 days of sunshine a year. You will probably have over 80 miles of visability. Don't sweat it....one of the best airports to land at in the world. Plenty of runway, long terrain, taxiways make sense...can't beat it.
my two cents

Suggest you have a real pilot up front with you, not your boss or some passenger, have a good flight!:D

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