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KC-135 flying?

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Nov 25, 2001
I've applied to various ANG units and I'm leaning on deciding to go with my hometown tanker (KC-135's) unit versus other units and airframes. What is the flying like in the 135? How 'bout the TDY opportunities? Also, how has life changed for the pilots after the PACER CRAG conversion? Thanks for the info!
The KC-135 is a good airplane, the R-model is a great plane. It's lacking a real bathroom, a real galley, and airconditioning on the ground, but you learn to live with these short comings.

The Guard does things differently when it comes to deployments, but on Active Duty, deployments happen quite frequently--this was the downfall of the jet for me.

I left the jet before pacer crag, but it I've heard it is great.

I'm in the process of joining a 135 guard unit now (visiting lovely Altus soon!), and the TDY's are pretty great. Pre 9/11, the sign up board for trips was filled with good deals- Europe, Hawaii, Florida, etc. Basically any trips that no one volunteers for they just give back to the active duty, so most trips are good deals.

Post 9/11 the unit is doing a great deal more to support Noble Eagle and the operations in the middle east, so many of the good deals have gone away as you would expect. By the time you get through UPT and Altus things should be back to normal.

You are certainly making a good choice joining the Guard or Reserve. Why oh why didn't I learn more about them before I went Active? The guard flies to all the good locales while we go sit in crapholes. Oh well...
boom operator

I'm a Naval Aircrewman currently on active duty. My background is S-3B & P-3C. I'm separating in the spring to attend FSI in Vero. I am interested in the ANG. Is it easy to switch from Navy to ANG as an aircrewman? I'm interested in doing the boom operator thing since "chicks dig the boom."

Thanks in advance for the help...


Getting hired by a guard unit shouldn't be a problem, as long as you are planning to live near the unit. The longer the commute, the less likely you are to hang around past your commitment.

Once you get hired by a unit, there's a mountain of paperwork to climb to switch services and get credit for all your Navy training. I'm almost finished with all that paperwork myself...

Send me a private message if you have any other questions.


It is possible to transfer across services. It all depends on the situation that your unit and you are in.

I am going from AF to Army Guard. In my unit, they only will take Huey or Blackhawk qualified pilots. I was Huey, so I'm in. If I was in the Army and only qualified in OH-58s or Apaches, they wouldn't take me, for instance. Check with each unit, what they fly, and what requirements they need. It could be easier to get into an AF unit, for example, than into a navy one. I know a number of Army helo guys who got AF fixed-wing slots.

It may take quite a bit more paperwork when switching services. I've been out of the military 11 years, and am changing services, so the paperwork's a bitch!


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