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Kalitta Charter in YIP


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Jan 31, 2002
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Does anybody know the good bad and ugly about this place? I know the pay is ridiculous, but how much time do the pilots get/month and is there a contract??



Apr 10, 2002
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I used to fly for Kalitta when it was first bought out by Kitty Hawk back when the company operated the tricycle gear Beech 18's. If you are solely interested in gaining some flight time and experience, first jet time in very old 20 series lear jets, it's a way to do it I suppose. You will be forced to learn how to cope quickly, because when you get that page at 2AM YOU'RE GOING PERIOD. It's a ridiculous lifestyle if you want to call it that, no schedule and 24 HRs on the pager with a 20 minute show at the airplane and 40 minute wheels up from the page. You will hardly be able to pay the rent as an FO. I stayed for 8 months gaining a few hundred hours of jet time and was not violated or killed, so that was an accomplishment. My suggestion would be to work your way into a better corporate job before freight doggin it - just my two cents. As always there will be someone who thinks working at Kalitta is the greatest due to the varying destinations, left right seat swaping on legs, and freedom to fly like a cowboy once that can is handed over. To each there own, but man I tell ya I was never so tired in all my life working there, it definitely takes a toll on one's body.


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Nov 28, 2001
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If you mean Brian, no, he left a while ago.

To add my two cents, I worked there for a year, and I really liked it. The 15 minute call out is a little hectic, you have to live close, and you have to live cheap. It was a lot of fun, the people you work with are great, and things have been doing better there since they came out from under Kitty Hawk's control. It definitely takes a certain type of attitude though, warehouse is right. Some people don't like it and whine and cry until they leave, some like it and some never leave.

Good luck.