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Kalitta Air... rumors of hiring

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Apr 1, 2002
I'm in recurrent ground school now. Our fourth 747-400 is supposedly purchased, 4 more are being negotiated. Hiring starts full tilt early this summer. These are the rumors but can it hurt to get your resume in now just in case the vapor planes solidify?
Looking at kalittaair.com and careers i found... nothing (regarding pilots)! I was kind of surprised. But a little more digging and I found...

Resume: [email protected]

I'd start there and see if you got a reply within a few days. I'll check back here with more information once I ask around a bit. I heard from the assistant chief pilot that the new hires they're looking for will have heavy time as well as glass time. And don't quote me on this last part but 5000 total time comes to mind.
Oh and to clarify about that fourth -400... it is indeed purchased but it's a passenger plane and Connie only bought it for the engines. So as it stands we are still operating three -400's (and a whole lot more classics).
Yes I learned to fly in YIP through the EMU program, and I sent a resume to the listed email. Never heard anything. That was a couple months ago. Keep us posted. Thanks.
OK brothers and sisters. Connie himself said during our "pizza meeting" on Wednesday that we were definitely getting 2 new flyable -400's then later said the number 4. I honestly couldn't figure out what he meant by "4". No one really did. Slip of the tongue? Deal not solidified?. Regardless... today a company email came out for a bid for FIFTEEN -400 captains and TEN -400 first officers. Everybody was ecstatic. This is an enormous bid for a company of our size.

footnote: All pilots that wanted to be recalled have been recalled. There are 14 on the bypass list and they are being asked to make a final decision. There are still some FE's out there on the street but it doesn't sound like for very much longer...
Here is a list of their current fleet:

Hub: Detroit Willow Run | IATA: K4 | ICAO: CKS | details C/N MSN last update model registration remarks former airline former reg. delivered to 161 20332
B747-146(SF) N702CK
JAL - Japan Airlines JA8107 JAL - Japan Airlines 159 20247
B747-132(SF) N709CK
Polar Air Cargo N625PL Delta Air Lines 60 19754
B747-122(SF) N712CK
Polar Air Cargo N854FT United Airlines 125 20325
B747-123(SF) N717CK
UPS Airlines N673UP American Airlines 579 22990
B747-246B(F) N700CK
JAL - Japan Airlines JA8161 JAL - Japan Airlines 372 21730
B747-259B(SF) N701CK
Polar Air Cargo N924FT Avianca Colombia 449 21939
B747-212B(SF) N703CK
UPS Airlines N319FV Singapore Airlines 654 23391
B747-246(FSCD) N704CK
JAL - Japan Airlines JA8171 JAL - Japan Airlines 406 21827
B747-249(FSCD) N706CK
Polar Air Cargo N806FT Flying Tigers 382 21681
B747-246(F) N707CK
JAL - Japan Airlines JA8132 JAL - Japan Airlines 419 21937
B747-212B(SF) N708CK
Tradewinds Airlines N526UP Singapore Airlines 264 21099
B747-2B4B(SF) N713CK
Kitty Hawk Air Cargo N204AE MEA - Middle East Airlines 556 22447
B747-209B(SF) N715CK
China Airlines B-18755 China Airlines 571 22989
B747-246(FSCD) N746CK
JAL - Japan Airlines JA811J JAL - Japan Airlines 384 21743
B747-221F(SCD) N747CK
JAL - Japan Airlines JA8165 Pan Am (1927) 392 21744
B747-221F(SCD) N748CK
JAL - Japan Airlines JA8160 Pan Am (1927) 691 23969
B747-346 N768CK Pax division JAL - Japan Airlines JA8185 JAL - Japan Airlines 745 24405
B747-4H6(BCF) N740CK
Malaysia Airlines N73714 Malaysia Airlines 738 24315
B747-4H6(BCF) N741CK
Malaysia Airlines N73713 Malaysia Airlines 760 24424
B747-446(BCF) N742CK
JAL - Japan Airlines JA8072 JAL - Japan Airlines
What's the schedule like? Anyone have memory of what was more important(heavy time, total time, glass time?) Do guys jump from the regionals?

What's the schedule like? Anyone have memory of what was more important(heavy time, total time, glass time?) Do guys jump from the regionals?


There have been quite a few from the regionals (prior to end of 2008). Given the state of the industry competitive minimums are heavy time and hopefully glass time, 8K hours+ (from last vist through G/S). I think this is because of the increasing -400's. Internal rec's also help.

I just emailed my resume...


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