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Kalitta Air.... Info?

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V-Dub for Life
May 20, 2003
What's the latest info over there. I had heard that they were planing Dec. interviews for january classes... Any good reliable info on this one?
Its so sad to hear that the ugliest dog in the world (the one in your avatar) has passed away...:(

Not hi-jacking your thread... I don't have any info on Kalitta, although I have seen them a lot lately in ANC
Don't have any info on the hiring, a new -100 is coming on line rumors of more possible in the future. We always seem to be understaffed and have heard they will be having classes in 2006.
There's a lot of hard feelings right now as the company doesn't seem to want to give the pilots a reasonable contract. The old one expired about 3 years ago and Teamsters local 747 is an impotent union.
I know someone who I heard was just hired........lot's of mil time, and overseas experience....
100s! Geez, can Connie make any money on those and still do maintenance?

Cargoflyr69 . . . geez, man, you gotta get rid of that avatar.
It's creep'n me out.
Kalitta Air operates the most modern Classic Fleet in the world.

The aircraft whether they are the -100 or -200, are very well maintained and have been upgraded to some of the latest technology money can buy at the present time.

Mr. Kalitta continues to put more and more money into his fleet. One of the upgrades he did, which cost at least $500,000 per aircraft, was to equip the entire fleet with the CMA-900 FMS/GPS system. It's a beautiful system.

Kalitta Air now has all the tooling to do in-house overhauls on the PW JT-9's. The engine problems we had before are becoming less and less now that all of the work is being done by our own shop.

Soon the construction of the new Kalitta Air Training Center will be completed and we will have one the nicest B747 Classic Simulators in the world too, equiped with the latest modifications include the installation of the CMA-900 FMS system. The building will house the entire training department and will have two simulator bays.

Mr. Kalitta continues to add more planes to his growing fleet. There are at least 2 upgrade classes planned for 2006, with 10 in each class and continued First Officer and Flight Engineer hiring.

Kalitta Air is a great place to work and things just keep getting better.

CWI, I hope your last response was spot-on and not an attempt at sarcasm. I've also heard good things and would love to be a part of it. I'm thinking that the delivery of the "new -100" is what sparked the rumor of hiring next month. Suppose I'll send an updated resume just incase...

is the new -100 an old UPS bird?
Kalitta would start Interviewing!

CWI, any idea when Kalitta Air will start interviewing in 2006?


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