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KAL Question

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Apr 8, 2005
Does anyone know if KAL actually really needs 744 drivers (since I continuously see openings advertised) or do they just interview a lot of 747 guys and hardly hire any? Just curious, the pay seems pretty good but I just wondered if there are that many guys out there that are actually typed and current in this plane looking at going there.
They are hiring but the interview process at pretty much all Asian carriers has a high failure rate and the training failure rate is not much better either. Mixed opinions about KAL overall, it is a good gig if you go there as a captain but I wouldn't go there as an F/O and the social working environment according to a couple of friends that are there (granted on the 73) is not very inclusive, they won't socialize with you very much or hardly at all. I would recommend that you take a look at NCA (Nippon Cargo Airlines) I'm good friends and know many of their pilots and they are all very happy there but KAL if you come in as a captain like I said and you fulfill your social agenda outside the company is a pretty good gig too.

On regards to the 744, it is the type that has the most pilots dedicated to contract flying in the world with many crew members floating between gigs.
Well I got an interview....any gouge or interview experiences gained by any FI members would be appreciated. PM me.
Congrats, best of luck.

Let us know how it goes, looked at the 330 DEC job and am curious of what the process is like. I know www.pprune.com has some info, since I looked there.
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