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K&S Aviation for B737 Type..

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Well-known member
Dec 30, 2001
I wanted to take a few minutes to put in a plug for K&S Aviation in Phoenix. I finished my type rating with them about 3 weeks ago and it was a great experience.

Stephanie sent me all of the required materials several months in advance and included directions on what exactly to study. They require 80 hours of home study prior to class. I think that I did a little more than the 80 hours and found myself well prepared for the actual class.

Several days of systems were taught by a retired SWA capt. who was really helpfull and was a terrific teacher. The last several days we had a systems instructor from another airline come in to teach.

I flew the 737-300 sim at the Hobby Airport Flight Saftey. Our simulator instructor was a SWA pilot for 17 years and a FANTASTIC instructor. It was different working with someone who was teaching because they enjoyed it, and not for a 5 dollar per hour "overide" on their monthly pay sheet.

I would strongly suggest anyone looking at getting their type rating to check out K&S for several reasons:

1. School is owned by a SWA Capt. and is the only type rating
school authorized to use SWA procedures, flows, checklists,
and QRH's. All training is done the way you will do it at
SWA. (I have a small brain and hate to relearn!!)

2. Class sizes are small, normally 6 students per class. You
have plenty of opportunity for individual instruction.

3. Price. I don't know what the other schools are now
charging as I compared prices in August. I know you can
do your training in a 300 model for 7700. The cost is
inclusive and includes Hotels for the whole 2 weeks. Some
folks had to travel to the simulator (Houston or Salt Lake)
K&S picked up the cost of travel for these individuals.

Good luck, and if anyone has any questions, feel free.. Great school, great people...
:D :D


K&S Aviation
1 877 748 6745
DIDDO on K&S. I think they have quite a handle on how to teach the 737. My experience was nothing but positive taking into account I was in the sim for 9/11. They kept everyone positive and were always willing to go the extra mile to keep you in the loop. They even put us up in the hotel for extra days during the NYC disaster.

It was great to use the SWA checklists and procedures. Not to mention the -300 advantage for Sims.

The instructors at K&S really believe in their business and love what they are doing. I cannot speak well enough about the great people at K&S.

I not only would highly recommend K&S, I would ONLY recommend them! But if the classes are full at K&S, get the type any way you can!

My thanks to Kirk & Steffanie
Let me rephrase that last part. I was trying to say that I would not just give them my highest recommendation. I would recommend them above ALL others.

A slightly better choice of words!


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