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Dec 15, 2001
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German Translation Stolen from another message board:

O= Orange Plane
W= White Plane

Video Starts:

O: Morning, Morning...Sleep Well


W: Look at those guys over there?

Look at the guy with the big head and the small hat!!

O: Ah, look over there... (Rolls window down...Note Orange has power windows, White has to crank his down manually)

Hey!! I didn't know you could convert a Trabbi (Think East German Yugo-like 2-stroke POS) into an airplane!!

W: You have no chance with your piece of $hit!!

O: What!! What!! What!! Do you reeeealllly want to know?!

3, 2, 1 We're off!!!!!

[After the Race and Orange has won the race to the gate]

W: $hit!!!!

O: Everything Clear (OK)??

Gate Agent: We are now ready to board the flight....