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Well-known member
Aug 8, 2005
As an interested non pilot, I have a question. If the Delta thing will impact the pay of all and alot of other airline pilots seem to be saying to the Delta Pilots, strike for the benefit of all. Why dont all ALPA from all airlines go on strike together. I would think it is very easy for someone else to sit back and cheer for the strike and these guys and gals may wind up out of a job, while they go to theirs.
To accomplish what? The government is not going to re-regulate the industry if we all strike together. They will just order us back to work, or worse have some other country fly US routes. However, a Delta liquidation would send a message to management that pilots aren't weak and will not give into their demands. Also the loss of a legacy carrier may have a positive influence on the market, but thats a little difficult to predict at this point.

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