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June 21 / 22 Interview


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Jan 30, 2002
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Pretty stoked.
Looking forward to the intreview and hoping for the best.

-Resume and online app. in early Jan.
-Standard E-reply, will call you..etc.
-A friend walked in my resume in mid. Jan.
-Received app. in a few days and returned it in less than a week via Fedex and my Netjets friend carried it in.
-No word for a while, so called and found out that a copy of a document was missing (I have sent it, but who knows).
-Immediately faxed a copy of the missing document.
-Confirmed via a Netjets friend that the packet was received and complete on mid Feb. and I will get an interview in due time.
-Another friend of a friend dropped his interview opportunity for Jun 1, I have called in early May to try to hawk the slot, but was told that I am not even on the short list.
-Got the call a few days ago.

Two letters from senior captains.

Will keep you informed.

Please update interview experiences at : WWW.Aviationinterviews.com Don't forget the fellow aspiring pilots.


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Apr 16, 2002
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I started the process in July 2001 and didn't get the interview until Oct 2001. Indoc was Jan 2002 and I'am still waiting to start IOE. It almost takes a year to fully get on line from first contact with netjets. Just have patience it takes a long time.