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Jumseating in Europe

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Active member
Feb 17, 2002
Anyone knows if we can jumpseat on European carriers? I've had a few guys from overseas jumpseating on us, but I've always had to buy ID90s to go visit my family in Europe.
I once asked to jump on Alitalia, and the cap. refused. Was he just an ass or is it their policy?
I flew for a European carrier on contract last summer, and it seems the European carriers don't have "jumpseat " policies like we do. If you want to go somewhere, you go on a "staff travel pass".

I don't think the Alitalia capt. was being an a$$, as you say. I just think that's how it is there.
I just talked to a guy who did office work fo EXPRESS ONE in Europe. He said the cargo carriers are really loose and he'd get offline rides and he wasn't a pilot.

MARTINAIR has a cargo MD 11 from san juan to amsterdam

i've got a french friend who jumps from st martin to paris, in the cockpit, on an air france 747
Our ops manual says we cannot carry foriegn pilots. Also, a lot of countries allow regular passengers to purchase that seat. That's right, they ride in the cockpit. They also don't have to close the door. Of course, this may have changed last September. I hear that in a lot of countries, the captain is King. He can do anything he wants to. This was from people that came from Latin American countries, though. It's probably different in Europe. Good luck.
IBERIA and SPANAIR and AIR EUROPA all allow jumpseaters in the same fashion as we do here in the US.

You simply go to the departure gate and show them your ID and request to be "EXTRA CREW." You can also go to their OPS office and do the same thing.

It is my understanding that the Spannish airlines are the only ones in Europe that allow this benefit.

If you require more information, check out the PPRUNE.COM website which caters mainly to European pilots.
I have also heard that British Air allows jumpseating. I have not tried it myself but that is the rumour on the street! Take it for what its worth.

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