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Ol 366PX, the ditch b!tch
Apr 6, 2005
99% of the time, when you jumpseat, it's the standard "hello i'm so and so with xyz airlines blah blah blah".. shake hands, sign a form and go on your merry way.

But has anyone been denied, by the captain, and he/she ended up giving up some lame arse excuse and you thought what the he//... and since he's being a tool about hitching a ride, I'll just argue with the tool. Has anyone ever "argued/debated/chatted" etc with a captain the reason for a denial??
My jumpseat hell day had one of those times.

In pre-9/11 PHX, trying to get back to OK. Had already been bumped off 2 CO, 2 HP, and 1 UA flight. Finally was looking like I'd make the 2nd UA (last one that would allow me to connect through DEN). FAA dude on PERSONAL TRAVEL showed up at the counter 30 minutes after me. Flight was otherwise full, with only 1 jumpseat. FAA dude tells the Capt that he's only traveling for personal reasons and not work related, he's only going to DEN and there's another 2 flights that night. Capt decides to take him because "well, his family is waiting for him". As much as I wanted to debate over the absurdity of the reasoning, I knew that I really couldn't say much about it.

I finally got out on the 2nd WN flight. Eighth time is a charm.
Yeah, that is bad man....good job on not arguing the point....

You really can't argue...just smile and say thank you for your time.

If you are the type who likes to get the last word in...and argue...that is a good way to lose the agreement.

I had a "situation" a few weeks ago when travelling on my mothership airline, NWA. I have jumped pre and post 9/11 MANY times all around the country, on nearly all of their types of aircraft.

So I show up and introduce myself, the standard stuff. He says hey do you have a tie? (Gestures to his neck) I'm like 'uhh, what? I didn't realize a tie is required'. He replies 'Yeah thought you needed a tie to ride upfront'. As politely and friendly as I could've said it (and with a smile) I said 'Not to sound argumentative, but I have commuted for the last 9 years with your airline and have never worn a tie, except when I happened to be in uniform. I have always worn khakis and a collared shirt. But it's your call, I will be glad to take the next flight.' He has this dumfounded look on his face. He replies "Ok lets look it up" He reaches for his ops manual and gets to the jumpseating section..... 'First Class Attire' He then asks the gate agent, Is what he's wearing ok to sit upfront? The gate agent has this smile and says yeah, That's what all pilots wear when not in uniform. I repeat 'I can always catch the next flight, I don't want to sound like I'm making a big deal out of it. He replies Well ok if the gate agent says it's ok, then you're good to go." He storms off. Lets just say it was a quiet flight upfront.

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