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Jumpseating to Puerto Rico

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Active member
Feb 6, 2006
I am planning a cruise vacation for next may that departs out of San Juan. Since that is prime vacation time I imagine the flights are going to be full on US Airways and I might have to consider other airlines. I was hoping to find out any information on the policies of other airlines regarding offline jumpseaters and San Juan. I have heard that some airlines won't allow offline jumpers into and/or out of Puerto Rico. I wanted to fully know my options before I book this cruise and I am interested in almost every airline: American, Delta, United, Continental, AirTran and jetBlue.

If anyone can give me any information it would be greatly appreciated. I am gonna call these airlines but I'd love to hear from pilots who have actually tried. Thanks.
At Jetblue we allow offline jumpseaters to San Juan. We have several flights there out of JFK, BOS, MCO and I think FLL. You shouldn't have any problems.
Does Jetblue allow jumpseating between FLL and Nassau?
Flew LAX to SJU a few months ago offline on AA. Was treated very well and it was all free. Called to list that day and simply checked in at the counter. Have fun!
Spirit has several flights a day from FLL and MCO to SJU...the seats kind of suck but with so many flights there are a few empty seats during the day.
I jumpseated on Jetblue from SJU to JFK a couple years back. It wasnt a problem at all. They even told me that I could sit in the FD if the back was full. I guess SJU isnt considered int'l since its a US territory.
It's domestic, but Verizon screws you in P.R. I wish I had AT&T right now. Yes, I'm in SJU as I type this.

How so? I've got Verizon and never an issue. Never a roaming charge or anything.

Back on topic, you can also use UPS. FedEx doesn't allow jumpseaters to Puerto Rico. I believe United won't allow FD access either. Guess not everyone realizes that Puerto is U.S.

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