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Jumpseating question

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Heys guys and girls,

I bought my wife a positive space ticket to St Thomas from Detroit for the end of April to go to a friends wedding. I'm with JB so I am trying to avoid buying a ticket for myself. Does anybody know if Spirit will allow me into the Jumpseat for this particuliar flight? I'm not sure if it's considered international or how it all works out. I know Delta allows Nonrev but the Jumpseat is unavailable. I will buy a ticket if I have too but am curious to get some info before I do.

a few years back i jumped on spirit out of FLL to SJU and back.. no problems... they treated me great, however i think they have a non-rev number to call and list now... Maybe some spirit guys can chime in...
Dude... not trying to be a wise guy... but buy that "real person" ticket. It's so worth it. We were gonna non-rev to Ireland. One night I said "F" it, and just bought normal tickets. It was an epiphany. Your wife's stress level will drop too, not worrying if you're gonna make the flight or not.
I just jumpseated to St. Thomas at the beginning of March. I took USAirways out of PHL though (wanted DTW). I looked into going on Spirit thru FLL. Anyways, Spirit is a good option going down and you shouldn't have any problem sitting in the cockpit. A friend told me the problem with Spirit is the gate agents. I guess they aren't the smartest or nicest and most don't care if you get on. Having two jumpseats on an Airbus is nice though.

In St. Thomas you have to go thru customs to return. I was in uniform and they made me have a boarding pass to get through. This was a pain, because the ticket counter and customs was very slow and understaffed. So give yourself alot of time on the return.
I was kind of told the same thing. The cockpit is obtainable it just depends on the gate agent coming out of Saint Thomas whether they are aware it is allowed. I am thinking getting there should be not so much a problem as getting out will be.
If spirt dosent work out.... a not so easy but cheap way would be to jumpseat on JB to SJU and then take cape air to STT. JB has a jumpseat agreement with them and worse case you can buy a one way ticket on them for 100 bucks with no notice. Plus they have a flight about every hour from SJU to STT.

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