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Jumpseating on PEOPLExpress / Vision Airlines


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Jan 27, 2006
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Just wanted to reach out to anybody who may be looking into jumpseating on a Peoplexpress flight in the near future. These flights are operated by Vision Airlines, and we accept any FAR 121 airline pilot, flight attendant or dispatcher. CASS approved pilots may also ride in our cockpit jumpseat.

We are working to make sure all the stations people who work for Peoplexpress are aware of our jumpseat policy. However, if you run into any issues getting access, please ask to speak to the Captain. Our Captains are aware of the situation, and we carry spare jumpseat authorization forms in the cockpit.

Our listing procedures, and schedules can be found on www.visionjumpseat.com under the OAL link. If anybody has any issues, please feel free to contact me, the jumpseat coordinator at ehernandez@visionairlines.com.