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Jumpseating from LAX to DXB

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Active member
Nov 14, 2005
Anyone know the best way to jumpseat from LAX to DXB in about a week or two? I'm flexible with dates if I can't make flights. My airline is not CASS certified yet.
The only U.S. carriers that serve Dubai are the cargo ones. UPS, Fedex, Atlas, Kalitta, etc. No European or Middle Eastern carriers allow jumpseaters like they do in the States so unless you can get on the cargo boys you'll be out of luck. EK starts their second daily flight from JFK in a couple of days. It is pretty lightly booked so far, so you would definitely be able to get on standby with a ZED or ID90 type ticket.

Wankel7 is correct, we'll take you if you're 121 or 135.

There is no service to DXB from LAX, but most of our flights go into DXB from Europe: AMS, FRA, GOT - Asia: PVG, HKG

Good luck!
try polar air cargo there number is 800-462-2012, they are good bunch guys you will have fun jumpseating on them and they cater too.
i hope that helps lala.
khuda afiz...
Go Atlas

If you're waiting on Polar to get to DXB, you'll be waiting a while. DXB is not a normal stop for Polar, be we're there daily!:pimp:

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