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Jumpseating from england to new york, or non-rev

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Well-known member
Jul 4, 2003
Any info about jumpseating from london to new york or non-rev. flying.

I fly for US airways express!


If anyone has info about cargo carriers who allows international jumpseating!
I have used USAIR PIT - Gatwick....but that was right before they stopped that. Got first both ways...:)

You could grab a ticket on easyjet.com to AMS then use Polar to the states...

I called Atlas and they said they do not have any shcd opps out of London to the states.

Grab an OAG and see what your options are out of the London airports.

don't see why it would be a problem.have done it many many times in the last 5 years.do call the airline in advance,say the day before to get listed.do turn up to the airport,at least 2 hrs prior,and pay departure tax.last time i travelled,tsa needed 90 min checkin prior to process you.had a lats connection and got there 8o mins prior= no travel!nearly always get 1sy or business,easy!to be honest its easier than domestic as you rarely compete vs another jumpseater.pm me w any Q's.
probably DL or UA.not tried usair yet as i live in den and pit not the easiest to get to.suppose it all depends on your agreements also.for ex.last carrier i worked at we couldn't get on AA or CO internationally.have been on a co flight int.but was stuck and the crew let me on ,in a pinch.bless 'em!usasir sounds easy for you,i think.anyway always have an id90 or two sitting in your bag for a carrier you cannot jump on.for the uk i used virgin as they had a ZED fare agreement with us,and the ticket was cheap.good for 90 days and fully refundable ,thru your travel/pass bureau ,for whatever you don't use...so good escape plan if it all falls apart.i found in the EU all the us carrier ground staff,for most part knew of jumpseaters.asia a little different.also:much easier to wait the extra time there, in line, to speak to somebody/customer service when you arrive,and find out any rules for travelling home, than getting on the phone the day before departure.....!a smile and good attitude goes a long way ,nonetheless!