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Jumpseating at MDW

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Nov 29, 2004
While trying to pass through security I was denied because my airline is not a recognized airline. He showed me a list of airlines allowed to pass by with Crew ID and it was only the airlines that actually fly out of MDW. The date on the Memo was 12/21 and it was from TSA. He said it was going into effect at every US airport.

The big problem now at MDW, I commute in and out of there a lot. They require the pass but you can just go to the electronic counter and get a security pass without waiting in line. Just when I thought I figured things out, I went through were I usually do in the employee or id line where all crew go and was told a few nights ago that since we don't fly out of there we now have to wait in line with the passengers. I think this is complete b******t. I have a valid ID for an airline, show up in full uniform, and have had a complete 10 year background check but since my airline doesn't fly there I have to wait in line for an hour and a half because of this. Is there anyone who can help with this, I have the TSA's number and plan on calling them. It doesn't make any sense, we still have to go through the same security as everyone else. Can something be done or can everyone complain to justify our point that we as pilots are not going to be treated like this! Because right now I am not going to MDW because I cannot afford to wait in line for an hour to get through security 2 times a week!

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