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Jumpseat to Oz?

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I used to do it a lot when I worked for Aloha Island Air and was dating a gal in Sydeny. The easies was on Fex Ex. Not sure of the current jumpseat status with CASS and all. Also united has trips going to Oz. Also check Polar Air, I used them a bunch.

The down side was getting home as most cargo carriers do a round robin and after OZ they go through Asia and then Alaska. I had to sleep in the cockpit of a Polar 747 one night in Singapore and then caught the flight the next day. Not even sure if this would fly these days with security and all. I remember getting funny looks waslking across the ramp in Alaska in uniform with my surfboard under my arm - classic photo!!

As for 8 days - very tight. I think I gave myself a 10 days minimum and started trying to get home on day 7.

Hope this helps.

FYI: I did the Oz trip over 8 days in late March this year. Took United out of LAX towards Sydney. They also offer a daily flight from SFO but make sure to double check their service schedule. The United crew was awesome....took good care of me in Business Class. Paid no fee except for the required online visa for OZ.

Return trip for me required taking Hawaiian Airlines to HNL, UAL was full, then jumped over to the mainland via LAX-ORD. Those are the only two 121 carriers that offer jumpseat privileges back to the states from Sydney. A nominal departure tax is required....around 50$! The Hawaiian crew was great as well.

No experience with cargo carriers yet. However, I spent my entire time in Sydney. 5 full days and 3 for travel. Lot's of running around. :)

bye bye.

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