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Jumpseat Ettiquette

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Jan 13, 2002
Jumpseating Alaska (and maybe Delta if things don't work out) next week. This will be my first lengthy jumpseat flight, and I'm pretty new to the 121 gig. I've heard of bags of candy for the FAs and crew. Does anyone really do this? Also, I've heard Delta won't take you unless you're in uniform. How about "appropriate business attire?"

Any comments would be appreciated. Also, the purpose of my trip is pleasure, not business, for what it's worth.
Delta is business atire. If in doubt about an airline's policy, go with the uniform. Just be polite, stay out of the way, yes sir, no sir, etc, etc. Most all crews are very very helpful and will get you on if possible. Make sure to introduce yourself to the #1 flight attendant and just be your usual wonderful nice self! Have fun!
all u have to do is be polite, introduce yourself to the right person, don't ignore the FAs and you'll be on your way...I have done my share of int'l jumpseating and I never had to bribe anyone.
No bribes necessary. However, always thank the captain and the lead flight attendant at the end of the flight. It's only proper.

Jumpseating is an awesome benefit. Have fun.
Also speek to the FO, and be nice to him/her when i was an FO and the the person did not offer a hand shake or conversation I would consider them rude. Be cool to all of the flight crew, and you should be alright.
All the posts are important about jumpseat etiquette. I've got another; never tell the capt that "I'm your jumpseater," always ask them, even if the gate agent already filled out the form. It's the captains airplane.
Delta jumpseat attire is business casual. You can wear dockers and a collared polo shirt. (You must wear socks, I'm from Florida and wear boat shoes with dockers) Just go down and introduce yourself to the OBL (On Board Leader) (Head Flight Attendant) and she will introduce you to the Captain and FO. Have all of your documents out, i.e. license, medical. Captain will say have a seat in the first class if available then drive on. No big deal. The candy idea is actually a good one because if you end up in first class you may get a meal service even though you weren't listed for one.
When DID I go to Airborne School?

I'm enough of a dork that I had to go look at my basic airborne course graduation certificate. I've taken enough blows to the head that I don't remember so good...what were we talking about...anymore??

I graduated 9 September 94.

Boy it was hot down there.
Jumpseat food gratuities

I heard or read somewhere that bringing aboard a bag of Egg McMuffins for the crew is good form for Southwest flights and maybe others.

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