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JT should of picked a better airline!!

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Active member
Jan 27, 2002
Sorry JT, but mate, of all the airlines you could of been an FO for - you went and picked the most arrogant, stuck up, retentive airline in the world. Lets just say, it starts from the top with that airline - the CEO is the biggest poilitical, rear end kissing arrogant wanker you will ever meet. The service is crap - those of you that have flown Qantas would know how bad the cabin service is - why? because I think Qantas think that they invented aviation.

Gee, I'm and Aussie and I hate the mongrels - partly becuase they were part of the government backed scheme to kill Ansett Australia - the best airline in the country.

To all you guys out there that want to travel to Australia - fly with a STAR alliance partner like UAL, Singapore Airlines, Thai, Lufthansa and then when in Australia - fly internally on Kendell Airlines or Virgin Blue - DO NOT FLY QANTAS!! for those of you that like service with a smile - you won't get it off those pack of wankers!

Oh yes - I am on a hold file to get a job with Qantas - I fly for Singapore Airlines - so I won't be leaving one of the worlds best airlines to go fly for one of the worst!!

But Qantas never crashed....

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