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Nov 25, 2001
I got a call from American Jets in Houston 713-641-9700. They are looking for a Lear FO. Just passing on job leads, now that I'm employed.
USA Jet Airlines


USA Jet is currently interviewing for Falcon 20 slots. They are an on-demand cargo carrier out of YIP (DTW) and fly Falcons and DC-9s (1/3 of -9 fleet still parked).

The pay is good, the lifestyle is OK. They like mil fixed-wing guys and higher time civilian guys.

What do you mean by lifestyle is OK? How much are you actually home? Do you work there and how long you been there?
I honestly don't have any information on the American Jets job.
Good Luck
I turned down Walmart and Vanguard. I'm flying for a fractional now.
I work for American Jet International. I heard a rumor that we may be hiring, however I don't know when we are looking for people to start. As for quality of life at American Jet, I feel it is pretty good. The pay is great! I am on track my first year to break 40k as an FO. Send me a PM for more info.

I just started at USA Jet. The biggest downside is probably the 20" beeper to be at the airport when you're called.

The falcons are currently on a 8 days off out of 28 schedule. In the future, they are planning on having this schedule, or a 7/7 schedule for less pay.

The training is great, and pay, from day one is based on a 65 hour guarantee which works out to $33K/yr. June is a heavy month, and some guys flew almost 100 hours in June.

They are just starting in on a hiring cycle, beginning to add more pilots.

If you have more questions:
[email protected]


PS-You can jumpseat on various carriers if you are commuting.

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