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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
1000 hr. pilot looking for either a check hauling job or some other type of cargo work. Anyone got any ideas of who might me hiring. I already tried Airnet, said they won't be hiring for a while.
Have you tried some of the places on the West Coast, e.g., that one company that flies allegedly unsafe Lances out of Burbank and such cities?

I'm sure you know who I mean if you've been reading the board, but if you don't, drop me a private and I'll give the name to you.

Just an idea.
Try climbto350.com and findapilot.com

I don't think you'll be able to do much until you have 135 mins though (1200tt, 500 x/c, etc)

Also might want to try: avcrew.com and pilotshack.com
Both websites have links to job openings.

Another suggestion would be to try the regional airline directory at: RAA.com

It has a large directory of most airlines including part 135 operators, charter companies, etc. You might come across something there.

Good luck

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